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[You can find Deadpool around the village, at the bakery, taking piles of sweet goods, around the forest, annoying various creatures with his presence, or at the battle dome going through ridiculous simulations]

Its a wonderful day in my neighbourhood, a wonderful day in my neighbourhood. The world is working just as my mind says it should, what a wonderful day in my neighbourhood.

[He looks up to the sky. Yes, this was how things were supposed to work]
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[It seemed as though somebody had discovered how to use the video function and figure things out in a relatively quick matter. It was after all, something he could use to broadcast himself in some way. Being able to talk to people was of course a priority for Deadpool]

Yes, being able to talk and look at folks is d-d-definitely a good thing, d-d-definitely a good thing.

[He is still masked, and he paces back and forth, he seems to have been put at the base of a mountain, and his breathing is clearly visible as he inhales and exhales]

So. I'm going to throw out a few things, feel free to award me points for what I get right, and I'm sorry the answer is... for parts I get wrong.

Just a wee bit crazy )

Oh, and for those who don't know me, how silly. The name is Deadpool, and origin stories have to wait until at least the latter half of a few episodes. The basics are this though: I'm the merc with a mouth, the guy who makes Wolverine go all like wow Bub, you are badass, beaten Taskmaster with my hands and legs chained up, and oh yeah, I've ninja kicked...a T-Rex in the face. Plus--I've also saved the world a couple of times. Ain't no thing but a chicken wing, people.
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Here is where you get to make friends more likely enemies with Deadpool. Also for posting anything we need to do in character that a public thread wouldn't likely cover. Date your threads.

Deadpool 4chan

HMD Luceti

Nov. 14th, 2013 06:46 am
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How am I doing with Deadpool? If he is annoying your characters, great, mission accomplished. If you are getting annoyed by his antics and think I'm doing something wrong, or I should fix something up, let me know. This is where you can do that.
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Alright, so if you are fine with Deadpool 4th Walling with your character, please kindly indicate here. If you don't post here, then the only 4th walling that might be done is reference to a character trope, such as the "too cool for you- anti-hero" or the "knight in shining armour", "damsel in distress" kind of talk,  which will generally be based upon observable characteristics.  Obviously if you want nothing of the sort, just let me know, no worries. 

This is also letting those who wish to inflict violence upon Deadpool that they can, as he can heal from virtually anything. So feel free to stab, shoot, maim, set ablaze, punch, and otherwise cause bodily harm upon him, with the knowledge that unless you are a hot female he believes he has a chance with , he will likely retaliate at some point. The only thing that wouldn't make sense is killing him, as unless he is de-powered he will just regenerate and keep living, even if it takes awhile. If we want to go down that route at some point, it would likely be part of a bigger plot. 
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To be done. 


Jan. 18th, 2012 02:03 am
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Let me know how you think my character is doing, any constructive criticism is welcome.
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Player Information

Name: Peter

Age: 22

AIM SN: BenignEvildoer


Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes

Currrently Played Characters: None

Character Information



Canon Source: Marvel Comics

Canon Format: Comics

Character's Name: Wade Wilson

Character's Age: 50

What form will your character's NV take? A cellphone


Character's Canon Abilities: Deadpool has a regenerative healing factor that allows him to recover from wounds that would kill a normal human. His healing factor is partially mentally driven and he can increase the rate at which he regenerates. The regeneration is extremely fast acting and he has been known to recover from slashes and punctures within moments and regrow limbs. It is advanced enough that he has survived having his head chopped off multiple times as well as having blades go through his brain. If his head is separated from his body, he does require someone else to put it back on, and blacks out when it happens.

His healing factor affects several other aspects of him. It grants him increased longevity. His cells constantly regrow, which extends his lifespan significantly. He is also immune to all diseases and infections. His body will fight off any foreign bacteria. He is extremely resistant to foreign chemicals, making it very difficult but not impossible for him to get drunk. It also takes an extremely heavy dosage of tranquillizers to take him down, though it is still possible. The constant regeneration causes his brain cells to be in a constant state of flux, rendering him immune to noted psychics such as Emma Frost and Charles Xavier.

He can lift approximately 800 pounds, about the maximum level of an Olympic weightlifter but not beyond human capacity. He has incredible durability, being able to physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days before fatigue sets in. His agility, balance, reflexes, and bodily coordination are enhanced to beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

He is an extremely well trained individual, having spent most of his life fighting and training even before he received his healing factor. He can use any weapon known to man and can learn to use a new one in less then 5 minutes. He has an unorthodox fighting style and is very unpredictable for most opponents.

He also has the ability to break the 4th wall and is aware of his own fictional status.


Weapons: Deadpool considers weapons toys. Since he likes to keep himself entertained, he likes to have as many weapons around as possible. His usual weapons are a pair of pistols, and a pair of katana. He likes to wield dual weapons. He has been known to have weapons appear almost out of thin-air and when questioned on where he got them from generally replies with “You're probably better off not knowing, but it involves a fair amount of lube.”



Character History: Deadpool isn't quite sure of his own past, and as he has said it varies depending on the author.

Most recently he helped out the X-men by making them appear as heroes by stopping him taking out someone who had been badmouthing the group. He revealed that he had set up the entire thing himself and was allowed into the X-men because of his actions. He elected to not stay and as he was heading on the bus to a new place he was transported to Sirens Port.

Point in Canon: Deadpool Vol. 2 Issue 16.

Character Personality: Deadpool is a very impulsive and quirky individual. He does what he feels like, and due to his healing factor, doesn't really consider the consequences the way normal people might (if he bothers to consider them at all). He prefers to keep himself busy and finds doing things repetitively to be a bore. He constantly seeks to relieve the boredom.

Deadpool is a physically and mentally scarred person. He is insane, and can be quite violent, but not sadistic. For instance he has stabbed a close friend Weasel in the leg for eating the last Cheesy Puff, as well as confining Blind Al to a room full of sharp objects. He did not do these things because he wanted them to suffer, but rather because it seemed to be a good idea at the time. He has been known to kidnap potential employers in order to try and get them to hire him, which obviously did not result in gainful employment. He consistently fails to understand why this doesn't work.

Well aware of his own insanity, Deadpool seeks to improve himself and become a better person. He desires to gain clarity and be able to understand the world as sane individuals do, to make choices and decisions that help the world. He has worked with S.H.I.E.L.D, providing him with a more legitimate form of income, as well as allying with members of X-Force and the X-men on occasion. More often then not these are short lived alliances. Most organizations find his immaturity and instability to be a hindrance.

He is an extremely talkative individual, earning him the moniker 'Merc with a mouth'. He continually feels the urge to blurt out whatever is on his mind, which can range greatly depending on his mood at the time. Deadpool dislikes silence and feels that gunfire and other violent sounds are not nearly enough to keep things interesting. Many of his opponents have found that his talkative nature is perhaps the most annoying part of fighting against him. No matter what the circumstance, he continues to run his mouth and make commentary.

He constantly seeks out some form of companionship and dislikes being alone for long periods. His worst fear is being truly all alone. In particular, he will go to great lengths to see females he is attracted to, and to try to win their affections. When Deadpool was attracted to the Black Widow, he hired a plane to profess his love as well as his phone number. He did this while she was part of the Thunderbolts and had fought him previously. He proceeded to flirt with her on the phone whilst shooting at the other Thunderbolts. These crazed schemes generally leave him with nothing significant, but they certainly do attract attention and he finds the attempts to be amusing at the very least.


Character Plans: Deadpool will likely be trolling members of the Marvel cast that he knows or knows of, and generally trying to meet new people and find things for himself to do in the new city. He will certainly be trying to get some sort of employment as a mercenary. That success may be limited, as his antics will be characteristically odd. There will be a permissions post for any 4th walling done by Deadpool. In general terms, he may refer to tropes the character represents, and call them the 'brooding anti-hero' or 'creepy scientist' as appropriate, but won't know anything about them other then what information can be gathered in game or what other roleplayers give me permission to use.

 Appearance/PB: Deadpool is scarred from head to toe as a result of skin cancer he discovered he had when he was much younger. He is completely bald due to chemo therapy, and cannot grow any hair. He is six foot two and two hundred and ten pounds, and in peak physical human shape. Due to the scarring he is typically found wearing a full body suit, including a mask. He favours black and red as the colours of the suit(s). He will occasionally put on other things mostly for his own amusement, but generally prefers not to show off his skin.


Writing Samples


First Person Sample


[A video screen reveals a waving Deadpool. In the background, a mailman gives a death glare as he pulls up his pants.]

Despite being in a shiny new place, pantsing civil servants has not lost any of its charm, I am pleased to report. It appears as though I can't leave this place. Stuck in Canada again...lame sauce. At least there seems to be plenty to do, and it seems as though dying works differently here. Maybe I can hook up with Death herself here.

[A few suspicious red spots dot his outfit. He tries wiping them off at the prospect of meeting Death.]

She is a rather attractive lady, and she knows just how to get me going. Perhaps we can finally be together?

[Deadpool pauses for a few seconds. That's all the break anyone gets from his running commentary.]

Either that or at least do lunch... or like, coffee or something. It's almost like we were all thrown in here at the whims of some bored adults.

[He gives a wink to the camera]

I wonder what this button does?!

[The video instantly cuts out to black.]


Third Person Sample

“No one ever asks if you'd like to visit the dimension full of hot naked chicks. You always get put someplace weird,” Deadpool complained to the corpse of a monstrous looking squirrel. He had only arrived in this place a hour ago and didn't feel quite right. He had made it with a pair of pistols and a pair of swords and his costume. Dimensional travel wasn't anything new to him. He had encountered several versions of himself before, and had saved existence or something. He wasn't entirely sure, nor did he figure it mattered greatly. The lack of naked chicks and the weather being rather cold were not making this seem like a resort sort of place. Adding in the fact that most critters seemed to be mutated in some decidedly more dangerous way and Deadpool was pretty sure that he hadn't won some odd vacation pack. So far the only company he had in this city was a dead squirrel corpse. From what he gathered, he wasn't in the nicest part of town.

“The graffitti in the place really adds a whole lot of character,” he said admiringly at a string of swear words talking about something called darkness monsters. He continued moving on with the squirrel corpse in hand. At last, he spotted a shady looking character wearing a trench coat. Throwing his deceased companion into the trash, he headed over. As long as he didn't get flashed by the man it was a promising start.

“Hello there vaguely shady person! I'll give you warning - if I see your penis I will punch you in the face. Where exactly am I?” he asked curiously very close to the man.

“You are in Siren's Port, stranger. In the slums.” the man answered a bit startled.

“I see,. And yet, I don't see naked women... what a cocktease name for a place. Well...they must be around here somewhere. Alright, person I will likely never see again!, Later homeslice!” Deadpool said, running off in no particular direction. He figured with a name like this he was bound to find some pretty ladies eventually, or at least a collection of sharp and pointy things. One or the other would keep him entertained for a while.



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